Business Information

Enter the name that your customers will recognize as your business
This number will appear on your customers' statements.
Please provide the website you plan to process payments on. We require that a few basic items are displayed to your customers at the point of sale once you're ready to begin processing:
  • DBA Name from application
  • Customer service email, phone, or address
  • Product/Service marketing page and pricing
  • Shipping policy (ONLY if shipping something)
  • Refund policy
  • Privacy Policy

Authorized Representative

Tell us about yourself. We need to verify your identity as the person allowed to make decisions on behalf of the business regarding your Braintree account.

Required for identity verification and a credit check

Beneficial Owners and Business Management

In compliance with anti-money laundering laws in the United States, on behalf of our partner bank, we need to understand the management structure and beneficial owners of this business. Please identify all persons who directly or indirectly own 25% of the business, and a person with significant responsibility for managing the company.

Do not include yourself if you have already filled out your information as the Authorized Representative above.

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Processing Information

Select "Yes" if you automatically charge your customers at regular intervals for the purchase of goods or services.
We ask this question to ensure we set up your account correctly. Our Accounts team will be reaching out, and you will then have the option to use this new account in addition to or in place of your existing Braintree account.
For start-ups with no processing history, we recommend entering 60k or less, unless you have some special circumstances around your launch. Everyone else should use their current processing statements as a guideline.
This is important if you might have transactions that are much larger than your expected average. If the banks are expecting larger transactions, then they are less likely to flag them as potentially fraudulent.

Banking Information

The account submitted must be a checking account. Savings, deposit-only, and prepaid debit accounts will not be funded by Braintree.